Land Restoration & Land Management


At S. Walsh & Son’s Ltd we take professional pride in our ability to transform derelict land to beneficial afteruse by use of the key divisions within the S. Walsh group based at our central office.

Our Land restoration and land management services vary depending on the location, lifespan and end use of the land to be transformed and the requirements of the local community. Sites being transformed are generally landfill sites, quarries or land formerly used for industrial operations (brownfield sites). With the expertise within the S. Walsh group we are able to plan and programme from initial enquiry and desk top study through restoration master plan and aftercare management phases, in consultation with local and statutory authorities.

Our land restoration and land management services include, but are not limited to:

  • Desk Top Studies
  • Topographical Surveys
  • Design of Restoration Master Plans  (countryside and discovery parks , landfill Re-restoration)
  • Planning Applications
  • Phased Aftercare Management Schemes
  • Engineered Capping and Earthworks
  • Installation of Geosynthectic Liners, and geotextile protection blankets
  • Land Drainage
  • Cultivation and Seeding
  • Landscaping and Tree Planting (control of obnoxious weeds)
  • Establishment of Energy Crops
  • Principal Suppliers of Clays, Soils and Recycled Aggregates (selecting materials to specific habitat required)

To achieve and develop derelict land to a beneficial afteruse we liaise with local and district authorities, the Environment Agency (EA), Natural England (NE), Royal Society for the Protection of Birds ( RSPB) all working to protect UK Bio diversity Action Plan ( BAP) species and the creation of suitable habitat to encourage development of endangered species of Flora and Fauna . As part of working in partnership with statutory and charitable organisations, we are proud to be engaged as members of study groups that allow us to operate within the confines of Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). This enables our clients to receive additional materials via routes other than traditional road haulage. The transfer of suitable land restoration materials by river is proving to be a successful environmental challenge by reducing vehicle movements and pollution and gives our clients the opportunity to create a more diverse landscape.

The key to successful land restoration is that we secure bulk soil excavation contracts that subject to appropriate assessment by our environmental and technical team we are able to match to our client’s requirements to create areas of greater diversity such as the placement of chalky materials creating calcareous grass lands which is identified as a UK BAP target. Also, knowing the source and volumes of materials, we can design the end use of derelict land in conjunction with organisations such as Groundwork Trust and major land owners, often providing a royalty for the land owner and funding for the development of lands for such uses as Educational Discovery and Countryside Parks.

We currently provide land management and restoration services to principal clients such as:

  • Lafarge
  • Veolia Environmental Services
  • Cory Environmental
  • Groundwork Trust
  • Essex County Council
  • Kent County Council
  • Thurrock District Council