Construction Site Security Management

Construction Site Security Management

In our view, construction site security management should be tied very closely to the Logistics team as the liaison between the two is essential.

So here at Walsh we can provide courteous, smart and professional 24hr manned construction site security with direct support from our on call resource centre and managed locally by our Logistics Manager.

Construction Security Guards

Our security guards are fully trained in the reception and processing of staff, visitors and deliveries as well as their core security duties. The ability to watch from within as well as without is just as important in the battle against petty pilfering which can put unnecessary strain on project costs. Determined to provide the best construction security management services in the UK, our staff are expertly trained in the field of construction site security.

Security Levels

We can provide any level of construction site security required, from basic manual booking in and out to electronic Biometric processing and vehicle delivery booking systems. CCTV systems can be installed upon request. Different size sites need different solutions which we understand and can provide for.

At Walsh, we are confident that we can provide the construction security management solutions that project requires.