Construction Management

Construction New

S.Walsh & Sons Ltd is uniquely positioned as one of the foremost civil engineering, environmental, and construction management contractors in the South East and London area.


As a leading construction solutions company, we have a large fleet of our own operated plant, covering all sizes, allowing us to offer assured and quality service to our clients.  We can provide detail works sequencing for all projects prior to project commencement and this can be of added benefit to contractors in the tendering process.

Being the end user of our recycled products, the interaction with the civil engineering area of our business is more than the others and as we are carrying out works in this way, we can add green value to a completed project, thus helping to reduce its carbon footprint through our construction management solutions.

More of our existing clients are looking to us to take on demolition and groundwork’s as a combined works package; this is something that we feel is beneficial to all.

Piling Attendance

S Walsh has gained a reputation in providing a first class and reliable service in piling attendance for all major ground engineering companies.  We have experienced operatives who can look after all spoil related issues on site and combined with its in house technical department, Walsh can provide testing facilities and ensure all duty of care requirements are met, along with any remediation requirements.

Obstruction removal and installation of piling mats using fully certificated materials from Walsh facilities are also services offered.

Civil Engineering

As well as our expanding refurbishment and structural alteration interests, we have undertaken substructure work, underpinning, roads & drainage and car parks.

At Walsh, we are confident that we can deliver the construction management services that your project requires.