Construction Logistics Management

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Logistics is more than just materials. At Walsh, we understand the need for Lean Logistics. We understand the difficulties of operating in inner city areas and the restrictions imposed by the various authorities to ensure greener and safer Construction Logistics Operations, which is why our construction logistics management services address all of these.


We are fully committed to TFL’s Freight Operators Recognition Scheme (FORS), are leading contributors to the Crossrail HGV Safety Forum and are currently working on several Crossrail projects at varying levels, supplying our well reputed construction logistics management solutions.


Our Logistics knowledge comes from many sources and many years of experience including extensive knowledge of the Construction Services industry such as; 

  • Waste Management
  • Plant and Materials delivery
  • On site vehicle management
  • Traffic Management 


We have the ability to consolidate deliveries or hold them until they are actually required.  The tangible benefits are; 

  • Reduction of vesting costs
  • Savings gained from early purchasing
  • Knowledge that the materials are available when you actually need them
  • Not having to continually move or work around materials on site
  • Removal of excess packaging before arrival on site
  • Reduction of damage to materials
  • Reduction of on site pilfering
  • Cleaner sites with more space.
  • Prefabrication of complicated or space hungry materials


Not just content to provide what the client wants, here at Walsh, we constantly strive to improve our Construction Logistics Management Systems to provide added value. We are attuned to European and Global Logistics developments and believe that ‘Innovation should not be something that you wait for to improve your business, but should be involved in.’