Construction Aggregates


The concept of soil washing is to import all types of construction and demolition waste, and by segregating, recycling or treating we are able to regain and reuse the constituent elements of these previously Land filled resources.

When producing the aggregates through our washing and crushing plants we follow the WRAP Protocol Guidelines with every depot having its very own FPC (Factory Production Control) Document. All materials are tested as per the WRAP Guidelines by an external laboratory and the results are kept at our Head Office.

We now produce 750,000 tonnes of various aggregates per year with sales of 500,000 tonnes in 2008

  • Sharp Washed Sand
  • Reject Sand
  • 20mm Ballast
  • 10mm Shingle
  • 20mm Shingle
  • 40mm Shingle
  • Type 1 Crushed Concrete (MOT CL803)
  • Type 2 Crushed Concrete (CL804)
  • Highway Specification fill materials (6F1 / 6F4 & 6F2 / 6F5 etc)
  • 75mm Clean Crushed Concrete