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Where construction, demolition and excavation waste cannot be reused on site, Walsh are experts in swift and efficient removal of materials.

Our comprehensive waste management service accept all construction and demolition waste, including wood, plasterboard, paper, card, plastics, metals, glass, lights, concrete, miscellaneous hardcore, soil and spoil arisings, and contaminated material – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Sampling, assessment and classification

Often overlooked during early concept stages of any construction project, the properties of soil can hugely affect both the basic structure and the construction materials used during the course of the project.

We have a good understanding of different wastes arising from construction sites in London. Before any material is moved, we can sample, assess and provide a waste classification to support the right decision on handling. Our value-added service saves time and money, but more importantly ensures compliance with waste protocols, reducing exposure to risk and impact on environment.

We offer same-day testing which can be tailored to determine levels of heavy metals, hydrocarbons, chlorinated solvents, phenols, chlorides, pH, sulphates, ammonia and carbonates, etc as well as clay sedimentation, organic limits etc. Ascertaining soil strength, density, compaction and contamination are also vital at this stage of the construction process.

Dig and cart

Where removal from site is the right solution for unwanted C&D or excavation waste, we can mobilize our extensive road and river fleets to offer a comprehensive excavation, removal and disposal service.

We can provide varying scales of waste and recycling containers, skips and roll-on/roll-offs to satisfy your site requirements. The waste material is processed at our facilities and, wherever possible, returned directly to be utilised in the construction or manufacturing sectors.

We can provide skips enabling segregation of waste on site. Equally, if the waste is already mixed or where space on-site is at a premium – often the case in London – we can segregate at one of our own recycling facilities at Rainham, Mucking, Pitsea and East Tilbury.

Recycle and reuse

We have decades of experience in recycling unwanted construction, demolition and excavation waste so it can be put to good use back in construction and land remediation

Using our own recycling facilities – as well as third party locations – our aim is to recover and process as much unwanted material as possible to create new products to industry standard protocols that our customers can use.

From soil washing and concrete crushing to screening and grading, we are able to maximise the quality and value of the materials we remove from site.

In addition, we also source and supply a range of aggregates from other recycled and secondary sources to support the circular economy and help contractors and developers to enhance the sustainability credentials of their projects.

We have extensive Waste Management Industry Training Board (WAMITAB) technical competence coverage for EA compliance in both recycling and landfill. With a proven track record, and a team of more than 40 operatives all of whom hold CSCS and/or CPCS cards, you can be confident we can fulfil all of your construction remediation and recycled construction materials requirements.

Walsh at a glance

  • 175 dedicated employees
  • 120 FORS Gold trucks
  • 5 tugs & 15 barges
  • 3,000,000 tonnes moved each year