The National Trust is going green

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18th Apr 2013

The Conservation organisation The National Trust has announced that it will drive ahead with its clean energy campaign by announcing that it will pilot alternative energy schemes at 43 of its properties during 2013 and 2014.

Site Waste Management Plan

Currently the National Trust owns and operates 300 estates in the UK, spending up to £6million a year in energy bills. With its website strapline stating ‘We’re a charity that works to preserve and protect historic places and spaces – for ever, for everyone’, some may think that this change in site operation is long overdue, there is no denying that this move by the charity is nothing but good news for the sustainable environment sector of the construction industry.

As such an iconic British charity, industry professionals will be hoping that the announcement by The National Trust will help convince many smaller charities to put more emphasis on clean energy, particularly with the rising costs of fossil fuels – The National Trust predicts that, on their current model, they would theoretically spend £7.8million a year on gas and oil by 2020, a rise by £1.8million. The new model would see the company spend as little as £4million a year.

Over the years, The National Trust has kept the integrity of hundreds of the most iconic British estates and builders alive, employing around 65,000 members of staff and volunteers (the vast majority volunteers). The announcement is a tribute to the company’s persistence to keeping up with the latest sustainability legislation whilst maintaining the historical integrity of the historical properties that they manage – a feat which is admired by millions of visitors to these properties each year.

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