The Importance of Sustainability in Construction

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18th Dec 2012

Each year we are asked by hundreds of people why sustainability is so important in construction above all other industries. The answer is simple. In 2006, it was reported that 50% of the UK’s carbon emissions came from the energy consumed by building related activities. This, amid a climate crisis has transformed the industry forever. That same year, the UK announced that Sweden would help cut the UK’s carbon emissions through sharing their own construction sustainability regulations.

In 2006, Sweden’s carbon emissions through construction were below 20% - one of the lowest out of all countries in the Western world that year.

Not that we are coming to the end of 2012, it is evident that sustainable construction is now more in demand across both the public and private sectors, with landowners and construction companies agreeing that the sustainable practices benefit both the client and the contractor.

Stereotypically, sustainable building projects have to be well planned in order to optimise processes and build sustainable communities where people want to work, live, and generally spend time in.

Sustainable houses need to help contribute to a higher quality of life for its residents, whilst being sensitive to the environment, and adheres to current sustainable legislation.

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