RIBA Awards 2013 - Blog 2 - The Slip House

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20th Dec 2013

Today we cast our eyes over to The Slip House – a research centre for sustainable building, designed by Carl Turner Architects.

UK economy progress in July linked to rise in house building

The private build has been designed to meet the criteria for Level 5 of the ‘Code for Sustainable Homes’ energy saving trust – and features numerous eco-friendly aspects which include: solar panels, solar assisted pumps (‘energy piles’), rain water recycling, and mechanical ventilation.

Situated in Brixton, the three-storeyed structure consists of a 3 ‘slipped’ box design, and is the prototype for a proposed housing development called ‘Slip Street’ which has yet to be approved, but is also a Carl Turner Architects project.

The building is very refined in both design and function, with the sustainable features being integral to the project as a whole, instead of being last minute considerations.

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