RIBA Awards 2013 - Blog 1 - North London Hospice

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12th Dec 2013

In the run up to the new year, we will look back at the 2013 RIBA Awards for Architecture.

UK economy progress in July linked to rise in house building

Today, we delve into the award winning North London Hospice by AHMM – an acclaimed architecture firm based in Old Street, London.

The design brings functionality and natural light to the building’s interior – and is focused on a more domestic feeling – aiming to break away from stereotypical hospice buildings.

Many design features of the building have practicality in terms of aiding the patients housed by it. These include the building’s acoustics which are designed to aid the hearing impaired, as well as the natural space and ventilation that is evident throughout the structure – aimed to promote a sense of domestic well-being.

Primary providing palliative care services, the hospice can accommodate up to 800 patients per month, all with life-limiting diagnoses. The hospice, which has been running for 2 decades, is located in a residential area of Enfield in North London.

Visit the North London Hospice website here.

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