Leicestershire solar house goes on sale

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4th Oct 2013

The first house to be fully powered by solar energy has been put on the housing market for £1.2million.

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Situated in Great Glen, Leicestershire the five-bedroom property solely relies on energy collected by hybrid solar panels during the summer to provide electricity and hot water throughout winter and all-year-round.

Constructed by Caplin Homes, it is thought that the technology used for the Leicestershire solar house will be utilised across a range of test projects with partnered house builders in the near future.But how far will these investments stretch?

The true energy flow of the structure will be closely studied by a full-time masters student at Nottingham’s De Montfort University. Early calculations will be released in April, with a full-on year report coming in August 2014.

Caplin Homes have suggested that they will test the technology on homes of varying sizes in order to establish whether the technology will translate sufficiently in smaller homes as well as larger buildings.

The house in Leicestershire is slated to already have significant interest from potential buyers.

three million jobs. We are well placed to take advantage of new and emerging energy efficient technologies, commercialise them and then export them across the world.”

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