How is Crossrail helping the British economy?

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30th Jul 2013

Whether you’re on the Tube, walking through Trafalgar Square, or enjoying a ride on a rickshaw, it’s more than likely that you’ll overhear at least one person eulogising about the Crossrail project to his or her mates this week in London.

Site Waste Management Plan

8,000 people are currently working across 40 Crossrail construction sites (which is expected to rise to 14,000 at the height of construction between 2013-2015), with the project slated to create 30,000 jobs in Central London upon completion.

The project will help connect areas of Berkshire and Buckinghamshire to Essex and South East London, allowing hundreds of thousands more commuters to pass through Central London every day.

As a part of their pledge to create more opportunities for London jobseekers, Crossrail have also announced partnerships with Jobcentre Plus and Local Job Brokerages.

Thousands of apprenticeships will also be on offer throughout the construction process of Crossrail, improving the prospects for youngsters looking for a career in the construction industry.

The £14.8 billion rail system, which currently is Europe’s largest infrastructure project, will stretch for 118km. The project began in 2009, and is scheduled to begin operating in 2017.

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